OPTIMUS & STOP LOG Equipment – Conduction of water in water intakes and cooling towers

OPTIMUS & STOP LOG  Equipment – Conduction  of water  in water intakes and cooling towers



Throughout the water intake and conditioning stages in electric power plants or those for potable drinking water production, we find that during the operation of the equipment there is a need either to seal the channels or to temporarily stop the flow of water. This is the main purpose for the OPTIMUS & STOP LOG equipment family.

Estruagua designs and manufactures a full range of water intake, treatment and conduction systems within the open channel of the water intake works in power and desalination plants.



The OPTIMUS equipment is normally opened channel and the STOP LOGs are located in the storage area to be put into operation when the equipment (like pumps, screens, filters, etc.) require maintenance or inspection. The following procedures can be used to actuate the OPTIMUS equipment:

1 – Manual operation – This is carried out by a bronze nut with trapezoidal thread spindle and an operating wheel.

2 – Gear motor operation – The gear motor to use will be sized based in the dimensions and hydraulic pressure on the penstock.

3 – Servomotor operation – Housed on the servomotor are the limit switch, the torque limiter and other gate regulation mechanisms.  

The STOP LOG equipment, due to its dimensions, is normally operated by a hoist/bridge crane or manually.



Estruagua OPTIMUS & STOP LOG equipment are designed and manufactured tailored, depending on the specifications of each unit:
•    Wide variety of construction materials
•    Extensive combinations of actuation drives and motorization



ESTRUAGUA has supplied more than 2500 OPTIMUS and STOP LOG system units in projects all around the world.   ESTRUAGUA has considerable knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of OPTIMUS and STOP LOG equipment in water intake and protection of power generation, desalination and oil treatment plant equipment.



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