ESTRUAGUA has extensive experience in the manufacture for global customers (EPCs, End Users,..) of water intake solutions in projects for power generation plants (combined cycle, thermal, nuclear, etc.), water intakes for desalination and potable drinking water plants, and water intakes for cooling and process systems in petrochemical plants and refineries.

Our company offers its customers its accumulated experience of more than 40 years in the sector. During its long history, it has supplied a large amount of equipment to both the public and private sectors. Among our fundamental objectives are to offer our customers optimum equipment performance and the maximum guarantee of quality and durability of this equipment with the aim of achieving full satisfaction. In order to achieve these targets, Estruagua provides experienced professionals to advise our customers.

Estruagua – What services do we provide

Estruagua designs and manufactures solutions for water intake in open channels (seawater intake, river water intake, intake from reservoirs), and we offer an integrated service in each project:
• Analysis according to technical specifications (datasheets, drawings, etc)
• Studying and quoting of the project
• Civil works construction drawings
• Technical and commercial proposal
A team of more than 70 people at your service.

Estruagua - Our commitment

We design, manufacture and install solutions for water intakes in open channels (seawater intakes, river water intakes, intake from reservoirs, etc.). Estruagua adapts all equipment to the project requirements.
The WATER INTAKE division is focused on large energy plants, desalination plants, oil and derivatives process and production plants that require water intake for their cooling and production processes.
Tailored systems designed and manufactured for long operation and with a maintenance cost appropriate to the projects and operation of the plants.

ESTRUAGUA WATER INTAKE SOLUTIONS, experts in water intake for power, chemical/oil plants and desalination/potable drinking projects.


We are aware of the importance of quality in all our products. Our company works to a quality procedures and continuous improvement system (ISO : 9001- 2010) which ensures quality, process traceability and satisfaction for each and every one of our projects. This is very important to us at ESTRUAGUA WATER INTAKE SOLUTIONS Division.

All our company systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) are guided by and coordinated under the company quality plan and project focus.  

All the products are designed and manufactured with an operating life expectancy of 25-30 years, as minimum, under standard operating conditions.

ESTRUAGUA WATER INTAKE SOLUTIONS Division guarantees the availability of original spares during the entire expected life of its installations.


So that our customers and equipment are properly cared for, we have a Technical Support System, TSS, that is responsible both for preventive maintenance, repair, spare parts supply, etc. so that the plant is always in the best operating conditions.


For Estruagua, our most valuable assets are our customers and their satisfaction is the goal on which all our efforts are focused.

Our range of services starts with the supply of Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manuals for each machine (assembly and transport of the equipment, installation, testing, start-up and operation) and training of the operators.

A team of engineers and technicians (both from our representing agents and partners in each country and from the factory) are responsible for providing telephone support in each of the phases above and this is complemented with the option of in place support all around the world, carried out directly by specialised and experienced technicians who work in the company in order to supervise the assembly, testing and maintenance of the supplied equipment.