AQUILLES System – Removal of large solids


The large water intake systems for cooling towers or processes have extensive protections and filtering mechanisms from their inlet. The purpose of retaining and removing large solids during water intake for the electrical generation plant is to protect the screens that later filter solids and fine particles, so that large and heavy debris that could damage the plant equipment are removed for high quality of the intake water (river water, seawater intake,…).

Estruagua designs and manufactures a full range of removal systems for coarsem, medium and fine solids whitin the open channel of the water intake works.


One or more screens are installed in the channels with their corresponding sliding rails supported by columns, which provides the movement and displacement of the solids removal pincer. This construction consists of a carriage and a hanging pincer that runs across the sliding rail.

The specially designed and reinforced screen is constructed so that the screen bars fall between the sieve bars during descent in order to remove any clogged material.

When the bottom of the channel is reached, the pincer is closed hydraulically and then the equipment with the rejected material rises to the top.

The screen runs along the length of the rail to the disposal area or container.

The movement of the pincer is fully automated and does not require an operator.


All the models have the same basic construction and can be supplied with the same special features, such as:

  • Wider or narrower screen
  • Greater working depth
  • Double speed motor for lifting and movement
  • Construction is in stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, etc.

This system is highly recommended for installations with several channels, as it is not necessary to install solid separation screens in each channel. We simplify the installation by having only one solid removal pincer and several fixed manual screens, so there are less parts to maintain and it is simpler to operate.


ESTRUAGUA has supplied more than 100 Aquilles systems in projects all around the world. ESTRUAGUA has considerable knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of Aquilles system equipment for removing large solids in water abstraction for power plants.