PREDATOR system – Removal of fine and microfine solids


Water intake systems in electrical generation, desalination, refineries, gas treatment plants have extensive protections and filtering systems from their inlet. The purpose of retaining and removing fine and microfine solids in the water intake for the power generation plants is for protection through removal of small strange objects that could damage the equipment and quality of the intake water (river water, seawater intake), with fine and microfine differentiation according to the sieve size and the type of solids to be removed. The removal of fine/ microfine and floating solids is the last phase in the filtering and protection of the intake system water (ranges 0.2 mm – 10 mm).

Estruagua designs and manufactures a full range of travelling band screens and extraction systems for medium and fine solids in the open channel of the water intake works.


The purpose of screening, among others, is to protect the plant and all the processes from the possible unwanted arrival of large and small solids in suspension and even fish/algae.
The generally discontinuous operation of the cleaning device can be actuated by an electric adjustable timer, by a head loss measuring system or channel water level indicator.

Cleaning is carried out by water injectors that detach and transport the solid waste deposited on the sieve/mesh panels, which is lifted and discharged at the top to a container, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, hydraulic compactor, etc.


The PREDATOR equipment can be manufactured in three layouts:
•    Dual flow (outside to inside)    
•    Dual flow (inside to outside)    
•    Front flow

 All the models have the same basic construction and can be supplied with numerous configurations and special features, such as:
•    Customisable filter mesh or perforated sheet in different types of steel or plastic polymers
•    Tailored construction of the frame (SS 304- 316 / Duplex – Super Duplex)
•    Adaptation to the channel and civil works


ESTRUAGUA has supplied more than 100 PREDATOR systems in more than 50 projects throughout the world.   ESTRUAGUA has considerable knowledge and experience in the supply and installation, start-up and training of operators for the PREDATOR systems for removal of fine and microfine solids in water intake in power generation, desalination and oil/gas treatment plants.